Management & Monitoring

Small office and Remote office Management & Monitoring was specially designed for clients who seek a consistent layer of monitoring and remote remediation so that maximum uptime is achieved. Our solution prioritizes resources to focus as much on the Infrastructure Layer as the WAN to manage and monitor every component of your network at the most comprehensive level.

24/7 Pro-Active Monitoring

With 24x7 Pro-Active Monitoring, signs of impending problems will never go unnoticed. Our team will be notified immediately of any potential problems, prompting real-time remediation, saving you countless hours of frustration and lost productivity.

Software Patch Management

Continual scanning of your servers for vulnerabilities and the implementation of pre-screened patches and repairs will keep your servers running securely and efficiently.

Server Optimization

By receiving real-time updates and automatic disk maintenance, your voice and data servers will operate faster and with little-to-no disruption.

Disk Drive Utilization Thresholds

Safe data capacity thresholds are established from the onset; we are alerted of any diminishing capacity, enabling us to recommend and deploy more adequate long-term storage strategies.

System Status Reports

Automated reports will keep you informed of the state of your servers as well as enable us to recommend any necessary modifications and/or upgrades to maximize performance.

Server Audit and Inventory

Continuous auditing provides real-time detail of all hardware and software of each and every server, alerting us of any significant change, prompting us when corrective action must be taken.

Bandwidth Usage Monitoring

Identification of those users with the highest bandwidth consumption enables us to readily pinpoint the cause of bottlenecks and quickly remediate to maintain optimum performance.

IT Vendor Liaison

From Internet Service Providers (ISP's) to software vendors, our managed services leverage our existing partnerships to expedite resolution of almost any issue that may arise.

Remote Support

Real-time remote 24x7x365 technical support.

Mobile Device Management 

 24x7x365 remote support for all your mobile device needs.

On-Site Support

If and when remote assistance is inadequate, we will dispatch one of our highly trained professionals to fix the issue onsite. (Additional fees may apply)

Software License Management

No more searching for software licenses and installation keys! We provide simple reports containing all relevant licensing information for every server.

Domain and Workgroup Administration

Faulty configuration and mismanagement of domains and workgroups can create chaos. Our experts keep these components running smoothly for you on a continual basis.

Microsoft Exchange Administration

Proper configuration and management allow your employees to benefit from access to email, contacts, shared calendars, address books, and more. Our technicians monitor your Exchange server for errors and effectively administers the system.

Back-Up Software Management

Continual management and monitoring of your existing back-up software will ensure that your data is always available.

User Administration & File Sharing

Rest easy knowing that your office files are safe and secure. With file and folder-based permissions, you control who has access to sensitive files, folders and applications.

Server Back-Up License

Our services will manage, monitor and test daily backups, making sure they are scheduled, executed, and that data is always available.

Hardware Warranty Coordination

Expert navigation of typically complex hardware warranty programs and processes greatly reduces the time and cost associated with replacement equipment.

Website Monitoring

Your customer-facing website can be just a critical as your business applications. We will alert the appropriate parties of any outages or disruptions.

Partner Website Monitoring

Does your business depend on the up-time of servers outside of your control? Our systems will immediately alert us should one of these servers go off-line thereby prompting us to take appropriate action.