Giving Back With simplicIT

Making a phone call and sending an email never did so much to help others. SimplicIT has the benefit of offering services that every company uses to run their organization. Our vast relationships with the different carriers and managed services providers give us a unique opportunity to give to organizations we believe in and work with on a daily basis, sharing the experience with our customers.

How it Works

When carriers and managed service providers sell their services they do it through two channels, direct salaried employees and through agent agreements. Agents, like simplicIT, are compensated by the different carriers after selling their network services to their customers. The commissions come in the form of a monthly residual payment, as long as the customer stays with the carrier they purchased from or change services to a new carrier still under a simplicIT agreement.

Choose one of our partner charities and simplicIT will have a portion of the monthly residual commission directly deposited to the account of your chosen charity. At no point do the donations allotted to the supported charities ever get handled by simplicIT.

Customers that bill over $50,000 monthly may select one of the simplicIT partner charities and one of their own as long as their selected charity provides the necessary information to receive direct deposit donations.